Remote causes of boko haram

The killing of the sect leader, it is argued, may have been the handwork of those who wanted him to die with the secrets they wanted to keep away from the public.

The group methinks, is a major negotiating platform for governments of the northern states but who are reluctant to say so. We, therefore, challenge the President to demand the report of the Muktar Panel if it has not already been submitted to him and to make it public if it has, so that Nigerians, through informed commentaries, can assist in the search for a way forward for the country out of the woods of recurrent ethno-religious crises.

The group is believed to have raided at least one Nigerian military arms depot. To their sponsors, some of whom seem to have vowed to pull the government down or to the party and nation.

And should thus continue for as long as they will, if possible, up to the next electoral process, they would have succeeded in cowing President Jonathan into subservience, and leave him with no political liver to aspire for re-election. Beyond getting to the root of the killing of Yusuf, it is also important that the immediate and remote causes of the Boko Haram mayhem be ascertained and made public as well as strategies for checkmating its recurrence.

Yusuf angrily denounced the security forces and called on his followers to rise up against them. This way, not only the security agencies and government officials but the generality of Nigerians, who are the victims of such crisis, would be carried along as the nation searches for ways to put an end to such ugly chapters in the nation's life.

For the avoidance of doubt, in spite of its enormous contributions to the national commonwealth, this would be the first time, the Niger Delta region has had a shot at the Presidency, and should not be subjected to destructive manipulations by a few disgruntled political elements in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Crediting Africa Check in the byline, keeping all hyperlinks to the sources used and adding this sentence at the end of your publication: The military has mainly responded with heavy-handed raids that have resulted in widespread accusations of human rights abuses.

Otherwise the situation would have been bad. A suicide attacker rammed a car bomb into UN headquarters in the capital Abuja in Augustkilling 23 people in the most high profile of several incidents.

The imbalance, both economic and educational, between the regions has remained to this day. Around people were killed in this round of violence. Here is an explanation of Boko Haram and its violent insurgency: This is an opportunity for President Yar'Adua to prove that he is ready to put a stop to further needless bloodshed in any part of the country as a result of ethnic or religious crises and this also is his golden opportunity to confirm to any who are doubting his resolve, that he is, indeed, committed to the strict observance of due process and the rule of law.

But by far the most destructive agenda appears to be enlistment of elected representatives devoid of party affiliations, to constantly underplay the achievements of government and magnify perceived failures, for the main purpose of undermining the Presidency, and rendering it unpopular.

Five Reasons Behind Boko Haram Violence

President Jonathan himself, touched on that while addressing the National Executive Committee NEC of the PDP in Abuja July 17, this year, when he urged his party to rise up to the challenges presented by detractors bent on pulling his government down. In Aprilattackers raided Chibok deep in northeastern Nigeria and kidnapped school girls, generally between 16 and 18 years old.

This is undebatedly why all attacks by the group has thus far attracted mere condemnations without any verifiable, proactive steps by northern states governors to end the senseless bloodletting and high level of insecurity in the land. They openly disagree with the sect and are outraged that terrorists use religion to justify atrocities, and to cause division in society.

This is subject to: Instead, everything ought to be done to ensure the success of the Jonathan Presidency, if for nothing else, for the unity, well-being and survival of Nigeria. Boko Haram militants set a police station on fire using fuel-laden motorcycles.

A video later emerged of alleged security forces ordering people they suspected of being Boko Haram members to lie on the ground before shooting them dead.

FACTSHEET: Explaining Nigeria’s Boko Haram & its violent insurgency

Police engaged the fighters and wounded several. It is unclear whether Yusuf played any direct role in the violence in and early The author of a forthcoming book explains.

FACTSHEET: Explaining Nigeria’s Boko Haram & its violent insurgency

Police officers summarily executed Yusuf inside the compound in full view of public onlookers. View the original piece on their website", with a link back to this page. Security forces fought their way into a mosque occupied by militants, raking the interior with machine gun fire.

Security forces fought their way into a mosque occupied by militants, raking the interior with machine gun fire. The state of emergency, which was still in force in Mayapplied to the states of BornoYobeand Adamawa in northeastern Nigeria.

Nothing, to the best of our knowledge, has been told the public since then, concerning the cause of Yusuf's death or the immediate and remote causes of the crisis and lessons from it that would help the authorities to forestall a recurrence of such mayhem.

This has led them having to beg for support from neighbouring countries. Others link the ineffectiveness with the following reasons:. The Root Cause Of Boko Haram And Other Insurgent Groups In Nigeria Boko Haram (B-H) is predominant in the North Eastern part of Nigeria in states like Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.

Boko Haram was founded upon the principles of the Khawaarij advocating Sharia developed into a Jihadist group in The movement is diffuse, and fighters associated with it do not follow the Salafi beliefs tend to be centered on strict adherence to Wahhibism, which is an extremely strict form of Islam that sees many other forms of Islam as idolatrous.

Political and security analyst Chris Ngwodo said Mr Buratai should be interrogating the apparent and remote causes of the renewed Boko Haram exploits that suggested the insurgents have regrouped.

Escalating Boko Haram Attacks on Unprotected Rural Targets The attacks since early have been particularly vicious, targeting remote villages, markets, hospitals, and schools.

Boko Haram insurgency

Many Nigerians agree that members of the Islamist Fundamentalist group – Boko Haram have no clearly discernable grouse to prompt the wanton killings and destruction of public places in parts of the North. The group now known as Boko Haram began to emerge inwhen a collection of like-minded Islamists retreated to a remote area of the northeast called Kanamma.

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Remote causes of boko haram
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