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Keep the loops bunched together to form a tight coil: Insert each axle end into a loop of the axle support. While softly pressing the sandpaper sandwich together, gently rub it over the wire, back and forth.

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Try to keep the coil as straight as possible without bending the wire ends. You will build a simple electric motor, called a Beakman's motor.

Include pictures if possible.

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Make loose connections tight and try again. To strip only the top half of the insulation off the end of a practice wire piece: A similar thing happens with the electric fields created by high voltage and by "static electricity.

Note how the two axles lie in an imaginary straight line across the middle of the coil. If there is a problem with a kit the shipper will replace any inoperable or broken items for no charge. Picture of a finished electrical motor, showing the different parts of the motor and how to combine them together.

If current is flowing through the electromagnet, but the motor is still not running, try the following tips: An opened booklet balances the support of the motor well. As a result, oxidation occurs inthe zinc metal strip and zinc metal loses electrons which thenbecome zinc ions.

There will not be a temporary magnetic field. Electrical connection 4 connects the axle support to the negative side of the battery. Gently flip the electromagnet the wire coil back and forth to make sure that it can easily rotate degrees.

The cathode should be connected to the negative zinc metal strip, and the anode to the positive copper strip. If needed, to create a secured structure, you can wrap the tape around the battery a second time before cutting it. Shake your compass and see if it will align again.

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You will change the strength, as well as the configuration, of the permanent magnet and study its effect on your motor. If possible take a picture of the damages for your claim with your carrier.

Place the bigger loop of one paperclip such that the metal goes around the bump on the positive side of the battery, as shown in Figure 14, below. If it is not, the weight may not be evenly distributed, making it difficult for the electromagnet coil to rotate in the final motor setup.

Note, also on this side, that electrical contact is created between the axle support paperclip and the battery terminal. You might even smell a burning smell. A felt-tip marker cap left or four pencils taped together right can be used to help neatly coil magnetic wire.

Use electrical tape to secure the needles to the ends of the battery. Parts or products for which replacement is made will become the property of Levenhuk.

Related learning resources Science project How to Make a Solar Oven Check out this cool and free middle school science fair project idea on how to make a solar oven. Magnets have two poles, north and south. Technical Note Why do we strip the wire this way.

Stand the battery upright so the positive side faces up. What happens when you spin the coil in the other direction. The customer will be responsible for all costs of transportation and insurance to and from Levenhuk and will be required to prepay such costs. Be sure to align the second paperclip with the first, both pointing away from the battery in the same direction.

In this project an LED is used to indicate if the fruit-cell is generating an electric current.

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Your motor might well start running right away. Secure the second paperclip to the battery with tape to complete the axle support. Let it cool down for a moment before testing again. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here. With educational electricity experiments kits kids can learn do outstanding electricity and electronics science fair projects!

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We are currently studying electricity in our science book, which is always fun because there are so many neat experiments to do! Aug 26,  · This is birth video of world's simplest electric train. Thank you for watching from around the world. How about making this simplest electromagnetic train for science fair projects?

【My. 8 Electric Science Projects for Kids It’s electric! Try these hands-on experiments and projects to (safely) learn about the science of electricity, which is the movement of elections between atoms.

Electrical science fair projects
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Electricity Science Fair Projects